Feedback von Trainings Teilnehmern...


5-tägiger, globaler „ICH-GCP-SOP-Workshop“

"Overall, excellent course and very informative. I want to thank all the trainers for all the hard work that went into organizing the course."

“The course was very well organized. We learnt a lot of practical methods from the experienced trainers”

“I realize that the knowledge and experience of the workshop leaders is absolutely fabulous.”

“The course was better than my expectations. The information will help in my job in the every day.“

3-tägiger, globaler “Advanced GCP-Workshop"

“This has been the most beneficial course I have participated in at Organon. All speakers were very professional and had an excellent understanding of GCP and its application to our roles. I enjoyed learning from my colleagues and hope this course is repeated.”

“Training was very good organized, trainers get the audience very motivated in all presentations. Congratulations and thank you!”

“All participants are really satisfied. Job of trainer: Well done!”

“Very professional and enjoyable training course. Trainers are all very experienced and shared knowledge with participants. Trainers encouraged open discussions which were very informative.”